Author Topic: TCS N KANBAY VERBAL QUESTIONS questions asked till now  (Read 3386 times)


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  • Not all channels telecast or either shoot a reality show in music - either classical or cine musics. Vijay Tv has done a justice to the Tamil film industry and to the classical music jambhavans. Hats off to vijay tv. Almost everybody from all parts of Ind
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TCS N KANBAY VERBAL QUESTIONS questions asked till now
« on: January 14, 2009, 08:01:33 pm »

Admonish= usurp

Adhesive = tenacious, sticky, glue, gum, bonding agent

Alienate = estrange

Bileaf = big screen, big shot, big success

Belief = conviction

Baffle = puzzle

Brim = edge

Covet = to desire

Caprice = whim

Concur = similar, acquiesce

Confiscate = appropriate, to take charge, to annex

Cargo = load, luggage

Dispel = scatter

Divulge = reveal, make known, disclose

Discretion = prudence

Emancipate = liberate

Efface = obliterate

Embrace = hug, hold, cuddle

Furtive = stealthy

Heap = to gather

Hamper = obstruct

Heap = to pile

Hover = linger

Incentive = spur

Instigate = incite

Inert = passive

Latitude = scope

Lethargy = stupor

Lamont = lakes, lamentable

Lament = wail

Latent = potential

Merry = Enjoy

Meager = small, little, scanty

Misery = distress

Momentary = for small time

Merit = to deserve

Miserable = unhappy, sad

Obstinate = stubborn

Overt = obvious, clear, explicit, evident

Pretentious = ostentatious

Potential = ability

Rinaile = rigorous

Renounce= reject

Solicit = Humble, urge

Subside = wane

Stifle = snits

Tranquil = calm, silent, serene

To merit- to deserve

Volume = quantity

Veer = diverge

Wethargy = well wisher
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