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B. Com Examination, June 2008 Question paper
« on: September 11, 2008, 09:02:55 pm »
VI Semester B. Com Examination, June 2008
(Semester Scheme)
Paper 6.1 : Business Law

Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100

Instructions: Answers should be written completely either in Kannada or in English.


Answer any ten of the following. Each question carries 2 marks: (10x2=20)

1. a) Define Business Laws.
c) What is an obligation?
d) What is free consent?
e) What is Novation?
f) Who is a consumer as per consumer Protection act of 1986?
g) What is ‘QUID-PRO-QUO’?
h) What constitutes an environment?
j) Who is a patent agent?
k) What is an intellectual property right?
l) What is foreign exchange?


Answer any five of the following. Each question carries five marks. (5x5=20)

2. Explain the SOURCE OF business law.
3. Write any 3 differences between coercion and undue influence.
4. State the details of Moharibibi V/s Darmadas case regardingminor.
5. Explain the rights of a consumer under Consumer Protection aCt of 1986.
6. Write a short note on each of the following:
a) Pollution.
b) B) Harzadous substance.
7. Why are the patents lapsed and how they are restored?
8. What is cyber law? State its objectives.
9. What are the objectives of FEMA?

Answer any three of the following. Each question carries 15 marks. (3x15=45)

10. Define consideration. Explain the essentials of a valid consideration.
11. What is Public Policy? Explain any four agreements opposed to public policy?
12. What is a consumer dispute? Briefly explain the composition and working of the various redressal agencies.
13. a) explain the role of the central government in protecting the environment.
c) Mention the objectives of Environment Protection Act 1986.

14. Explain the duties, powers and functions of competition commission of India.