Author Topic: VERIZON Recruitment Process 2008 (Hyderabad)  (Read 5152 times)


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VERIZON Recruitment Process 2008 (Hyderabad)
« on: July 23, 2008, 06:32:35 pm »
VERIZON Recruitment Process 2008 (Hyderabad)

Around 2500 students came for this event but shortlisted persons for the written test is 70 only.

The written test consists of 4 sections and the time limit is 1.10 min
1) English section 20q-15min
2) reasoning section 25q 30min
3) attention details 20Q -10min
4) technical test 10Q -15min

The written test was conducted by MERITTRAC

1)First section consists of articles (5Q ),prepositions(5Q),and 2 essays 10Q

2)second section consists of reasoning which includes
Venn diagrams 5Q,data suffiency 5Q,cubes 5Q,puzzle 5Q(combination of seating arrangement and blood relations)
And another 5 questions on something sorry friends I cannot remember

3) 3rd section consists of question on attention to details
These are very easy but the time is less
In this around 5 questions are like this below

A)if all are the 1,2,3 are alike
B) if 1&2 are alike
C) if 1 & 3 are alike
D) None
1)121561 2)121564 3)121547
Answer is A.

And another 7 questions on the arithmetic conversion like * is represented as +, - is represented as +, like that
And 6 questions on puzzle type.
Here he gave some conditions according to that conditions we must conclude the answer which satisfied above given conditions

4) fourth section consists of questions on C (4Q),data structures (5Q) but THESE ARE VERY LENGTHY .
In this we must find code segment in data structures questions


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